How to Release Anxiety About Money

2)      I’ve just made an offer on my first ever home, and am officially going through the home buying process

This was a major decision for me because of the financial implications. I’m launching a podcast where I will be interviewing all the people involved in helping me make this process a reality because I have found that information isn’t readily available. Also I have found myself having to practice what I preach because it’s brought up some emotions of anxiety, overwhelm and doubt so I’ve had to work through that and trust myself.

Video Blog I shot a year ago on how to overcome anxiety about finances:


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  1. CONGRATS! That’s HUGE. I still dream of the day I’ll be able to afford a home of my own.

    • Vangile

      Thanks Stephanie. It feels like a major achievement and the first step to being a real estate investor :)

  2. Congrats on your home offer! That’s a huge deal and it must be very exciting!

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