How to Overcome Anxiety About Money


When was the last time you made a great financial decision when you were stressed, worried or anxious about money?

Anxiety about money can bring us to a standstill. When you feel anxious about money its difficult to think clearly and focus. Honestly, I don’t know about you, but visualization and positive affirmations don’t work for me when I’m anxious.

And please don’t even tell me to be grateful when I am anxious or panicking about money because that is the last thing I want to feel!

The best way to overcome your anxiety or worry about money is to face it. Think about it the best way to overcome fears is to face them so you have to own your anxiety. EFT Tapping is great tool for this. Most of my clients love EFT because it works wonders. 

Face your Anxiety

Byron Katie says the best way to create stress is to give yourself a future. I have come to understand that we feel most anxious about money when we allow our minds to see the worst in our future and we allow ourselves to believe this reality and to see most of our present as a struggle.

The best way to overcome anxiety about money is to own your anxiety and to question your mind.

Your mind is powerful, it creates stories about money, usually based on your past, you don’t know what the future holds but your mind believes it does based on your past so what happens is u take your past experience and you use it to create your future.

If your mind can see the truth then your anxiety will dissipate

You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow but you believe you do because you have had a past experience.

Whenever I feel anxious about money I sit down and focus on the part of my body where I feel the anxiety, usually its my stomach or my throat and I see the color and the shape of this anxiety on my body and ask it where it is coming from.

Question the beliefs that are giving rise to anxiety

When I made the decision to move from Boston to South Africa I had no job, no clients and very little money so I was very anxious. I was convinced I was going to starve and that this was the worst idea I had made in a while. I had no business network in South Africa and only had my family to rely on so I knew I was going to starve.

So I questioned this belief: If I move back home, I will starve

I love Byron Katie’s work so I use it a lot in my coaching and on myself.  The Byron Katie Method involves a series of 4 questions:

1) Is this true? Yes, past experience had taught me that I need to have all my ducks in a row before making such major decisions

2) Can you know that this is true? No, because Im not God so I can tell the future

3) How do u react when you think this thought? I get anxious

4) Who would you be without this thought?  I would be less tense and more open to possibility.

Turn the thought around:

- If I move back home I will not starve and this is true because actually I have family at home

- If my thinking moves back home, My thinking will starve….

I really encourage you to do EFT and to tap on specific incidents and to just sit down and feel the anxiety and to feel that anxiety in your body and to question it’s source.

Please share your insights in the comment section below…

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  1. For lack of a better term i am proud that you would post this in such a pulbic forum. I myself was diagnosed at 16 with BiPolar, S.A.D., and PTSD all 3 of which are based around a chemical imbalance passed down through my family mixed with environment. I post a lot of articles about this on my blog as well as issues i had in school as a way to show people they are not the only one. Sadly this is a subject that gets buried in the closet a lot which is the worst thing that could happen.

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